My Personal Portfolio

Hi! I'm Ana Fernanda Flores

I'm currently working at Codifin and I'm being prepared to be a full-stack engineer. I'm in my gap year before I go to college and study Entertainment Business Administration. I live in Mexico City. I love watching Netflix, dancing, learning other languages and spendinng time with my family. I'm still on the first lessons of Codecademy, however I have made some projects that I will present in this web site. I hope you can see them all and provide any feedback ;).


My first web page

This was my very first website. It is very simple because it was made at the beggining of HTML lessons. I applied what I learned of fundamentals of HTML such as headings, unoredered lists and links.

CSS Selectors Cheat Sheet

This website is not only a cheat sheet of selectors lesson, but also its an HTML that includes two tables with different information each of them.

Website Desing System

This web page is a style guide for a website. The main purpose of this website was to practice styling after the CSS lesson. I used diferent colors, backgrounds, fonts, font sizes, adjusted margins and borders.

Tea Cozy

In this project, the platform provided me with the resources I needed to apply to the website and an example of how the final veision should look like. The main objective was to apply what I had previously learned about HTML and CSS.

Company Home Page

In this project I needed to make a home page for an imaginary company that included a logo, navigation bar, products (in this case I showed the services the company offered), team members and a contact using HTML and CSS. I think this might have been the biggest challenge I have had until now because I needed to plan everything about how the website's content design and then make it different elements of CSS.


Thank you so much for checking my Portfolio. I'm still working on improoving my skills. Let me know what you think!